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Frequently Asked Questions

Question : How do I register?

Answer: You can create an account from the registration link that will initiate the process. Full registration processing is not complete until payment has been made.  To Register:

Question: How will this be used to evaluate players for the December trip to Disney?

Answer: The Format will give the evaluators the game speed evaluation needed to properly formulate an accurate assessment of the players talents.

Question: I noticed that there was not a 13U division but just a middle school division. I was wondering if the kids will be separated or will tryout all together? As you know the 12U kids who are moving up to 13U this will be their first time on a big diamond while the kids moving up to 14U and 15U will have had two years of experience and in many cases besides some practice this will be the new 13U kids first time on this field in September.

Answer: We feel the evaluation would better serve the player at the level they have been playing on during the summer. So, the kid that is 13 but played 12U this spring/summer would register for 12U AA Games as his last “hurrah” on the youth diamond. As you described it would not be fair to evaluate the first time 90′ player against the older kids that have played 90′ for a season or so already. To be clear the middle school games are for players that have not played an inning of HS baseball.

Question:  How do I choose which AA Game to register for?

Answer:  If your a 2016 Grad you register for the College Game.  The Senior Game is for the 2017 & Select 2018 Grads. The Junior Game is for the 2018 & Select 2019 Grads. You will then choose the game time you prefer.