Youth All American Games Top Bat Exit Velocity

12U Brandon Bradshaw 76 12U Jeremiah Jenkins 75 12U Trevynn Keene 73 12U Tyler Prather 72 12U Harrison Buck 71 11U Oliver Martin 71 12U Trent Moltz 71 12U Nicholas DeLisi 70 10U Cannon Greene 70 12U Saddique Stephens 70 12U John Wyatt 70 11U Nicholas Pratt 67 11U JAY ADAMS 65 12U Anthony Cirrincione 65 12U Austin Olszewski 65 12U Brian (BJ) Ferranti 64 11U Hunter Austin 63 11U Jayson Campbell 63 12U Angel G Diaz 63 11U Jaiden Gene 63 12U David Holtzclaw 63 12U Josh Long 63 12U Isaiah Beseris 62 12U Joseph DiPino 61 11U AJ Grimes 61 12U Colin  Myers 61 12U Austin Rhoads 61 12U Kevin Wallace 61 12U Peter Rozner 59 10U Christopher Williams 59 10U Nico Long 58 11U Dylan  Melton 58 11U AJ Williams 58 12U John Alkire 57 12U Maximus Greene 57 12U Cesar Alarcon 56 10U Marcus Burrell 56 11U Braeden Ford 56 11U Thor Hildebrand 56 10U Tommy Dietrich 55 11U Trey Miller 55 10U Xzavian Waters 55 12U Ethan Caudo 54 12U Zachary Glast 53 10U Thomas Martin 53 11U John Pickett 53 10U Aiden Newland 52 11U Logan Newland 50 11U Jack Gallant 49 12U Vincent Price 49 12U Benjamin Goforth 47

Youth All American Games Top Velocity Times

12U Nicholas DeLisi 70 12U Brandon Bradshaw 69 12U Harrison Buck 66 12U Angel G Diaz 66 12U Isaiah Beseris 64 12U Jeremiah Jenkins 64 12U Josh Long 63 12U Brian (BJ) Ferranti 62 12U Zachary Glast 61 12U John Alkire 60 12U Joseph DiPino 60 12U Trevynn Keene 60 12U Anthony Cirrincione 59 12U Tyler Prather 59 12U Ethan Caudo 58 11U Oliver Martin 58 11U Jaiden Gene 56 10U Nico Long 56 12U Kevin Wallace 56 11U JAY ADAMS 55 11U AJ Grimes 55 12U Cesar Alarcon 54 12U Trent Moltz 54 12U Colin  Myers 54 12U Austin Olszewski 54 11U Nicholas Pratt 54 12U Austin Rhoads 54 12U Peter Rozner 54 10U Marcus Burrell 53 12U Benjamin Goforth 53 12U David Holtzclaw 53 11U Trey Miller 53 12U Vincent Price 53 10U Christopher Williams 52 12U John Wyatt 52 11U Braeden Ford 51 11U Dylan  Melton 51 11U Logan Newland 51 11U Hunter Austin 50 11U Jayson Campbell 50 10U Cannon Greene 50 10U Xzavian Waters 50 11U AJ Williams 50 10U Tommy Dietrich 49 11U Jack Gallant 48 10U Thomas Martin 48 12U Saddique Stephens 48 11U Thor Hildebrand 45 11U John Pickett 45 12U Maximus Greene 44 10U Aiden Newland 42

Youth All American Games Top 30 Times

12U Zachary Glast 4.37 12U Kevin Wallace 4.50 12U Brandon Bradshaw 4.53 12U Vincent Price 4.53 12U Harrison Buck 4.65 10U Marcus Burrell 4.75 10U Christopher Williams 4.75 12U Isaiah Beseris 4.78 12U Nicholas DeLisi 4.84 12U Tyler Prather 4.84 12U Austin Olszewski 4.85 12U Benjamin Goforth 4.94 11U JAY ADAMS 4.95 11U Dylan Melton 5.00 11U Oliver Martin 5.06 12U Cesar Alarcon 5.10 12U Anthony

Youth All American Games Information is Released

The CFAA Youth Games are Saturday August 20, 2016. If you haven't registered yet please do so ASAP at We will be closing registration by the end of the week. You will be evaluated in our CFAA games in correlation with the May 1, 2016 age cutoff date. Our policy is

CrabFest 18U National Team makes the most of 4 hits in 6-3 victory over LI STORM BLACK 17u

CrabFest 18U National Team and LI STORM BLACK 17u both threatened with rallies, but it was CrabFest 18U National Team that eventually took advantage of them in a 6-3 win at Baseball Heaven. LI STORM BLACK 17u had six hits compared with CrabFest 18U National Team 's four, but LI STORM

CrabFest 18U National Team take out FIELD GENERALS with help from Gerald Buchanan, 7-3

CrabFest 18U National Team beat FIELD GENERALS 7-3 in six innings on Saturday at Baseball Heaven behind Gerald Buchanan, who had two extra base hits.   CrabFest 18U National Team got the win thanks in large part to Maceo Campbell's dominant, 10-strikeout performance. Campbell allowed two earned runs, two hits and

Crab University 12U National come from behind to Advance to the International Finals

  With the game scoreless in the first inning Angeles came to the plate and tripled, plating Rivas and Zaiter.   Angeles racked up three RBIs on two hits for Venezuela. Crab University 12U National beat Venezuela thanks to 13 hits, including two extra base hits. Crab University 12U National scored four

Crab University 14U National jumps on Parkland Pokers early and coasts to 10-0 win

Crab University 14U National jumped out to an early lead on Parkland Pokers and captured a 10-0 victory on Friday at AAU International Championship.   Seven runs in the first three innings allowed Crab University 14U National to put the game away early. Jack Bulger racked up four RBIs on two

Early lead gives Crab University 14U National victory over Dominican Republic, 12-1

Crab University 14U National jumped out to an early lead on Dominican Republic and captured a 12-1 victory on Friday at AAU International Championship.   With seven runs in the first three innings, Crab University 14U National left no doubt about the eventual outcome.   Greene racked up four RBIs on three

2016 Underclassmen Teams are Announced

Crab University would like to announce that the  following players will represent the CrabFest All Americans in the 2016 Evo Shield National Championship in Goodyear, AZ this September.   There will be two Crab University teams representing the Chesapeake Region in the Perfect Game's Premier West Coast event. CrabFest All Americans have

Dual-threat carries Crab University 12U National past Venezuela 14-1

Rocco Abdinoor powered Crab University 12U National at the plate and on the mound Thursday, willing Crab University 12U National to a 14-1 victory over Venezuela.   Abdinoor racked up two RBIs on two hits for Crab University 12U National. He singled in the first inning and tripled in the second

Crab University 14U National musters 11 hits, drops 9-3 contest to SF Tabu

Crab University 14U National lost 9-3 to SF Tabu Thursday at AAU International Championships despite Jake Maske's two-hit day at the dish.   Libid, Alba and Rohloff helped lead SF Tabu. They combined for six hits and four RBIs.   Crab University 14U National jumped out to an early 1-0 lead in

Crab University 14U National gets more hits, but not more runs in 8-7 loss to SF Tabu

Crab University 14U National lost 8-7 in five innings at AAU International Championship on Thursday, despite outhitting SF Tabu five to three.   SF Tabu had no answer for Hunter DiCello, who kept runners off the basepaths in his appearance. DiCello held SF Tabu hitless over two innings, allowed no earned

Crab University 12U National jumps on Vibe of Puerto Rico early and coasts to 18-1 win

Crab University 12U National jumped out to an early lead on Vibe of Puerto Rico and captured an 18-1 victory on Thursday at AAU International Championship.   Thirteen runs in the first three innings allowed Crab University 12U National to put the game away early.   Trent Moltz racked up three RBIs

Crab University 14U National survives Southern Elite Puerto Rico rally, escapes with 4-2 victory

Southern Elite Puerto Rico wasn't able to overcome the big hole it dug itself into against Crab University 14U National, and Southern Elite Puerto Rico lost 4-2 to Crab University 14U National after falling behind by four runs in the third inning.   Southern Elite Puerto Rico scored two runs in

Crab University 12U National take out Gigantes Puerto Rico with help from Josh Long, 6-2

Josh Long went 1-1 as Crab University 12U National took home a 6-2 victory over Gigantes Puerto Rico in four innings at AAU International Championship on Wednesday.   Angel "Papi" Diaz pitched lights out for Crab University 12U National. Gigantes Puerto Rico managed just one hit off of Diaz, who allowed

Crab University 14U National fourth-inning burst enough to top CT Hank’s Yanks, 7-1

Crab University 14U National beat CT Hank's Yanks 7-1 in six innings on Wednesday at AAU International Championship after a four-run explosion in the fourth inning. Crab University 14U National scored in the fourth on an RBI double by Hunter DiCello, a sacrifice fly by JP Peyton, a solo home run