Gameday Columbia (CO) Falls 11-3 At The Hands Of Crab University Black

Crab University Black beat Gameday Columbia (CO) on Friday 11-3 at Camelback Ranch-Dodgers and White Sox Spring Training LAD5 in five innings.   Crab University Black scored five runs in the fourth on Crab University Black scored in the fourth on a two-run double by Nick Burch (Leonardtown-2019), an RBI single by

Pitching Velocities for Day 3 2016 MLK Perfect Game

Jordan Peyton '19 DeMatha Catholic sits 70-73 and top out 74 for Crab University Freshman Chase Crosby '19 DeMatha Catholic sits 63-67 and top out 67 for Crab University Freshman Reggie Zayas '18 DeMatha Catholic sits 70-73 and top out 73 for Crab University Underclassmen Jordan Jeletic '18 DeMatha Catholic sits 68-71 and